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Love The Process, Not Just The Outcome

In our rush to get the outcomes we want, we sometimes forget that the process is what we’re actually going to be living.

It’s Never Going To Get Easier – Do It Anyway

It’s never getting easier. You’ll never have more time than you do right now. What are you waiting for?

No One Wants To Be Your Reason For Living

There’s a particularly toxic idea spread by love songs and romcoms. It’s repeated ad nauseam by “Nice Guys” and drunk exes who’ve lost all semblance of self-respect.

The Root of Clinginess and Neediness

There are certain things every person needs to be able to do for themselves. If you don’t provide any of those things for yourself, even a tiny bit from others will seem like a lot.

Needy, Clingy Behavior Makes Everything A Transaction

Someone always feels like they’re not getting enough. Either not enough time or not enough independence. Not enough affection or not enough space. Not enough trust or not enough respect for boundaries.

Blame Is An Anchor: Fault Doesn’t Matter

The question isn’t whether or not you’re to blame for the state you’re in. The question is: Do you want to stay this way?

Responsibility Is Like A Giant Spiked Club

It looks scary as hell, but you get to pick that fucker up and beat the crap out of your problems with it.

Fitness 101: Weight Loss Isn’t Magic, You Can Do This

Sometimes it feels like even if a nuke were dropped on your head, your belly fat would find a way to survive the explosion. This article explains what things like fat and calories are, how your metabolism works, and why anyone can lose weight (nukes optional).

Fitness: You Owe It To Yourself

How can you create a life worth living if you’re neglecting something as important as the body you exist in?

Purpose: Why Do You Suffer?

Purpose is the key to facing your fears, to overcoming stagnation and procrastination, to creating a life that feels meaningful. It’s recognizing that we don’t get to choose if we suffer in life, we only get to choose why. That “why” changes everything.

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